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Seniors & Disabled

Ste. Rose Jolly Club

The Ste. Rose Jolly Club hosts weekly card games, dancing, pool, shuffleboard, exercises and so much more for the local members.

The Jolly Club building can also be rented out for various engagements.

The Jolly Club is located just off Central Avenue in Ste. Rose du Lac on First Avenue West. For more information on events and bookings contact the Jolly Club at 204-447-3140.

Les Nouveaux Horizons de Laurier

Les Nouveaux Horizons de Laurier (or New Horizons) is located in Laurier within the Municipality of Ste. Rose. The New Horizons offers daily exercise classes, card games and even dancing for the local fifty plus patrons. In the winter months a soup and sandwich lunch is available.

The newly updated facility is perfect for renting out for special occasions such as parties, baby showers or family gatherings.  For more information, please contact Dave Todd at 204-447-2483, and for rentals please contact Sarah or Mike Verhaeghe at 204-447-2381.

Ste. Rose & District Resource Council for Seniors and Disabled Inc.

Located in the former RM of Ste. Rose Municipal Office building at 630 Central Avenue in Ste. Rose du Lac, the Resource Council is a council of volunteers formed to offer seniors and the disabled to help them live and remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible. The Resource Council provides these services to numerous surrounding municipalities as well as for residents of  the Municipality of Ste. Rose.
Services include:
  • Meal Program at the Ste. Rose Leisure Apartments serve one meal per day (Dine in or Take Out - 7 days / week) or "Meals on Wheels" (Mondays - Fridays). Reservations Phone 204-447-3229.
  • Meal Program at the Sunny Bay Apartments, Ochre River, MB., serve one meal per day (Dine in or Take out - Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Reservations Phone 204-733-2635.
  • Lifeline - Portable Personal Help Button connected to your phone line to dispatch immediate assistance when help is needed.
  • The Resource Council also has a list of reliable persons who can assist with chores in and around the home on a "Fee for Service" basis.
  • Please contact the Resource Council directly for more information at 204-447-2478 or by email at

Ste. Rose & District Handi-Van

The Ste. Rose & District Handi-Van gives people in wheelchairs, as well as seniors and all mobility disabled who depend on others to help them get around, the chance for a measure of independence that lets everyone in our community and surrounding district lead a full and active life.

The Ste. Rose Handi-Van Office is located in the former RM of Ste. Rose Municipal Office building at 630 Central Avenue in the Town of Ste. Rose du Lac. The Handi-Van also accepts bookings for transportation to a wide variety of functions.

Please contact the Handi-Van Manager at 447-3291 for bookings or email for more information on the services provided.

Dr. Gendreau Personal Care Home

This fully accredited 65 bed Personal Care Home is located within Ste. Rose du Lac and has over 100 staff members working with the residents. Daily exercise, special day trips, crafts and various other programs provide the residents with a healthy and stimulating atmosphere. Respite care is also provided for families.
Contact the DGPCH at 204-447-2019 for details.

Assisted and Non-Assisted Living

Two separate apartment complexes are located in Ste. Rose that allow for both assisted and non-assisted living for seniors, disabled and fifty-five plus. The Trois Villas and Leisure Apartments offer affordable housing with the option of utilizing their meal services or enjoying the privacy of your own home.
Both apartments are managed by the Dr. Gendreau Personal Care Home.